Aircraft purchase and management

GTAviation offers consultation and support in the aircraft purchase process. In close cooperation with selected partners we are also able to offer a very attractive and cost efficient Aircraft Management program.

If you already own an aircraft, we can offer you a complete management concept including expertise within flight operations and technical management all aimed at operating your aircraft safely and efficiently.

We can provide flight crew, maintenance and flight planning services, or a complete full service package offering operational support for your aircraft.

If you considering the purchase of an aircraft, we offer consultation and support in choosing the right type, based on the market situation, your budget and requirements.

We can arrange the pre-purchase inspection of a used aircraft prior to contract, as well as the acceptance, delivery flight and import process, for new ones.

GTAviation provide all the essential services required for aircraft ownership and operations. Your aircraft will be placed under the protection of the EASA Air Operators Certificate allowing it to be operated under the rules of PART 135 whereby the aircraft can legally be offered to the charter market. This is very popular among aircraft owners and investors providing a financially contribution to the fixed and direct operating costs of the aircraft.


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